Yarn Along

Once again, sadly once again, I have found myself in need of mindless distraction from the world.

So, along with some movies on Netflix (finally watched Beauty and the Beast), I am reading another Aurora Teagarden mystery.

Sleepless nights, a cross-country chase and a temporary stint at motherhood all turn newlywed Aurora Teagarden’s life upside down. When her husband’s niece, Regina, shows up unannounced on their doorstep with a baby and a secret, Aurora’s perpetual curiosity leaps into overdrive — especially when the body of the girl’s husband is found axe-murdered in her own backyard! But Aurora’s curiosity may get the best of her this time, as she walks right into the middle of Regina’s dangerous secrets.


I started reading these because I had seen an Aurora Teagarden movie mystery and thought it was cute.

The character is quite different in the books…frankly she is pretty selfish.

However, these are quick reads and they are distracting me from the horrible events of Las Vegas (I can’t stop watching the news…my heart breaks for everyone and our world as a whole).

As I have been watching the news (almost obsessively) I have been knitting a new shawl pattern.


Using RedHeart With Love Stripes, this Debut shawl is knitting up nicely!

I chose to use this yarn after my original project I was using it for didn’t hold my interest.

I frogged it and decided to start this free pattern.

It has been a good choice.

This is my first time (I think) following a pattern rather than just knitting in garter stitch.

The worsted weight yarn is good for me to follow a pattern for the first time.

I have a lovely cake of Lion Brand Mandala (DK weight) ready to go for a second Debut shawl, which will drape nicely.

I am also starting a scrap quilt for my daughter which I will post about at a later time.

I hope everyone is doing ok this week.

Joining: Book Date and Little Room of Rachell

Pattern: Debut (free on Ravelry)


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