Color Block Poncho

A long time ago, I saw One Dog Woof’s Catalunya Color Block Poncho and loved it.

I had been wanting to try Lion Brand Fast Track yarn and this was the perfect project.

I ordered the yarn and the 12mm knitting needles from and started knitting.

I really like this pattern, super easy, mindless knitting.

I like the way the stitches look:


It is nice, heavy weight poncho.


I’m not in love though.

I found this a difficult yarn to weave in ends and have them be nonexistent.

The yarn stretches, my neck opening has stretched so now it hits on my shoulders (I’m sure it will soon be an “off the shoulder” poncho”).

I suggest using locking stitch markers to get your neck opening just how you want it and see how much the weight of the poncho stretches it before you stitch (which I did, but it still is stretching).

I like the idea of this poncho and honestly think it would be nice in a different bulky yarn.

That being said, this will be a great “early morning, drinking my coffee before the kids wake up and the heat really kicks on” poncho.

I do think this yarn would be fantastic for a nice weight afghan and I do love the colors I chose (the mustard color is perfect!).

Have a good week!

Yarn: Lion Brand Fast Track

Needles: Lion Brand 12mm 29inch


8 thoughts on “Color Block Poncho

  1. Stefanie says:

    I like this color scheme. I’m surprised at the stretch but perhaps it’s because of the polyester? It could be an option to undue the seam and use it like a scarf or if you resewed the ends to make a cowl.


  2. Marsha says:

    I was chuckling as I read about the poncho growing. I had a great visual of it just growing while being worn. That is a very interesting yarn and thanks for letting us know it has issues about growing once knit. I do love the color scheme you chose though. Hopefully you can find another bulky yarn that will fit the bill for this item.


  3. Sandra Licher says:

    Maybe that’s something I need as I keep growing so if I make my clothes out of that yarn they could grow with me! LOL! I do love the colors and your stitches look so pretty….yes, maybe a different yarn. It is lovely though.

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