Simple Sweetness

I am pretty much used to being stared at when I am out with my son.

Let me amend that, I am used to being stared at by adults when I am out with my son.

This weekend we took both kids to a great event here in town.

Our Fire Fighters have an open house where kids can try on equipment, sit in police cars/fire engines/ambulances and have popcorn and pizza.

When we go, Miss ME immediately tries out every single thing she can.



(She’s dancing, not falling!)

E goes to a wall and sits and watches.



I thought we would follow the same routine.

We sat for 20 minutes, then this:


Off he went!

The biggest draw for him was the popcorn machine.



Now for the sweetness.

First a little boy came up to us, said “Hi” and told me he eats lunch with E at school (my heart practically burst, E has a friend!).

Then a little girl came up to us to say hi and told me she does music class with E.

“I help him because I think the music scares him”.

Seriously, my heart couldn’t take it.

E is in a subset classroom and they are working every day to integrate him in activities with his class, but I never knew how the other kids reacted to him.

E was very excited at this point, jumping and flapping his hands.

The little girl watched him and said “what is he doing?”.

“He jumps like this when he’s excited and having fun!”

“Ohhhhhh, thats fun!”.

Immediately, both she and the little boy started jumping with E.

There was no awkwardness, just little kids seeing their friend and having fun.

I thanked each child for saying hi to E and met their parents.

My boy has friends!

My heart is still not back to its normal size šŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Simple Sweetness

  1. Sandra Licher says:

    That brought tears to my eyes as children know more about how we are to accept and treat each other than some of us adults! I’m so glad you had that affirmation and a positive experience for a change…I keep praying that the good in people will overcome the bad. Your children are so precious and you are such a great Mom!


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