Malia CAL

Continuing along with Little Monkeys Crochet Malia CAL, I have started a Malia Ear warmer.

Now, due to my not paying attention (at all), I started making the pattern and realized I hadn’t even made it to the pattern yet.

What the heck do I mean?

I mean I made the gauge swatch thinking that was the pattern.

Well, not wanting to waste it, I now present the Malia Coffee Cup Cozy!



So, the good news is I now have a new coffee cup cozy and I realized I don’t want to use this particular yarn for my ear warmer.

I use Red Heart Super Saver for many projects (mostly kids afghans-holds up super well with washing and gets softer and softer each wash), but I don’t think I want it as an ear warmer.

I’ll post a picture of the ear warmer as soon as it is done!

Happy Hookin’!

#MaliaCAL @Littlemonkeyscrochet

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