Weekly Weigh In


My Weight Watchers group has been doing a 15 week challenge called Make It Happen.

This is not related to losing or gaining weight.

It is about taking steps to a healthier life style.

Each day you commit to doing the following:

  • 20 minutes of activity
  • Mindful eating
  • 10 minutes of self care/time for yourself

I really try to follow this and some weeks I lose big, some I lose small.

This week I was down 0.6 pounds.

Not huge, but going in the right direction (and 3 points for my work weight loss team!)

This week my exercise was the following:

  1. 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix
  2. 21 Day Fix Plyo Fix
  3. 21 Day Fix Yoga (can you tell I love these 30 minute work outs)
  4. 30 minute walk on the treadmill at the gym
  5. 35 minute walk in my neighborhood

I am happy I exercised five days.

My recipes this week were:

  1. Skinnytaste’s Korean Beef (I did not have the Gochjang, and I added a tad bit more brown sugar).  I like to make this on Sundays and then use it for lunches for the week (adding brown rice and veggies).
  2. Trisha Yearwood’s Company Chicken (I did not use Italian dressing seasoning, just seasoned with salt/pepper/Italian seasonings that I had available).  I also used Trader Joe’s Condensed Portabella Mushroom Soup.  This was quite yummy and super easy to make.

My plan for this week is to track my food, try to exercise daily and, on Thanksgiving, I will be doing a 7 am 75 minute spin class.

Then I plan on thoroughly enjoying my holiday!

Have a good week!!


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