Weekly Weigh In


During the week of Thanksgiving, I decided to not stress and enjoy my holiday…and I did.

This week, I made some conscious choices.

I decided to track everyday…and I did.

I decided to move everyday…and I did (21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio, Upper Fix, Lower Fix and walks).

I decided to decrease alcohol…and I did (two glasses of wine for the week)

Plus, my BeachBody Coach Anne created a new challenge (Operation #fakeittilyoumakeit) and I am participating in that.

It all paid off, down 3.6 pounds this week (my holiday gain and then some gone).

I earned 3 points for my work weight loss team πŸ˜‰

I am so close to my Weight Watchers goal I can taste it!

I have a tendency to sabotage myself when I am this close.

So, my goal this week is to repeat the week I just had.

It won’t be as big a loss, but I hope to keep going down.

Have a good week!

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