Fur Cowl

Yesterday I took a class at my local sewing studio (The Creative Sewing Studio).

I love these one day classes as they fit easily into my schedule.

This class was Boutique Quality Cowls.

I purchased two “fur” fabrics from Joann’s and chose the gray/steel one to make in the class.


The biggest lesson about working with this fabric-PIN PIN PIN.

Pin more than you think you need to as it is slippery.

I need to look up tips online for cutting-the fibers went everywhere (our poor teacher and her studio).

Honestly, after watching several youtube videos about making cowls, this was the easiest pattern (just told to us by our teacher-not a purchased pattern).

The width is your head measurement plus 6 inches, although I added 3 inches as I don’t like things “tight” on my neck (no turtlenecks for me).

I am going to wear this constantly!


(Not the best picture I had worked all night and just scraped my hair into a bun).

I am definitely making more of these!

Have a good week!


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