Flannel Quilt

A while back, I made a flannel quilt top for my husband.


I had been promising him a blanket (quilt, crochet or knit) for so long, and this year I finally did it.

I used Maywood Studio’s Woolies Flannel Neutral 2.5″ strips, which I purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

The pattern is a simple Jelly Roll Race Quilt top.

I sent this to MSQ Co. to have it quilted and it arrived back in time for Christmas (with a nice note from the person who quilted it-love this company!).

So far, my son has used it the most.

Unfortunately, he was hit with a stomach bug after Christmas.

His sleeping schedule was knocked for a loop and I would find him at 4am on the couch covered up with the quilt.

(He is also my greatest fan-loves to wrap himself up in my handmade items)


The quilt is warm and cozy.


Happily, he is on the mend.


Happy New Year!

UPDATE:  Well, my son is sick and unfortunately threw up on the quilt.

So, I had to wash it.

I am disappointed to report that the fabric basically disintegrated on the quilt top.

So, so, so many seams are gone and I have holes everywhere.

If it were just one or two I would blame it on my myself and technique, but they are everywhere…so, I do not recommend this fabric/jelly roll.

For a quilt that is literally one week old, it looks like its been in the family for 100 years.


2 thoughts on “Flannel Quilt

  1. Marsha says:

    He is just adorable. His eyes are like a puppy dogs eyes. J love them. Glad to hear he is on the mend. The quilt is very nice and looks like a great comfort blanket for a sick little boy.


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