Change in plans…

I offered to make some pajama bottoms for my friend’s daughter.

I had very good intentions.

I made Miss ME a pair, great!

Using the same material, I cut out a pair for Miss E.

I used the “magic pillow case” trick to add a navy cuff to the bottom to add a little length.


Worked great!

Then I did the final seam.



See the major problem??? (No, not the cuff that doesn’t match up perfectly).

I really don’t understand why the front  has the pattern upside down.

This didn’t happen on Miss ME’s pair.

So, these will stay here for Miss ME to grow into and I will watch for a sale in cute fabric to make Miss E another pair (I just can’t send this as a gift).

In the pajama’s place, I knit up two hats for my fiend’s kids.

First, Brome Fields Wisdom Hat knit in Lion Brand Tweedy Stripes.


Second, Purl Soho’s Hats for Everyone done in Premier Yarns Sweet Roll.

(I chose this pattern as my free pattern for signing up for the Purl Soho newsletter)


This particular hat seems enormous (I folded it in a bit for the picture).

However, I did a fit test on E and it was only slightly big for him so hopefully it will fit my friends son who is a two years older than E.

Now to pick my next fiber project!

Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Change in plans…

  1. Stefanie says:

    I like how you used the pillowcase trick. I want to try the pillowcase burrito one, which is probably the same thing, one day. Sorry there was an oopsies. At least it’s still usable.


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