What’s a Blipper?

Well, it is a new tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

A Blipper is a fleece blanket that has a pocket for your feet…a blanket/slipper!

I texted my cousin to see if her son would like one and she said absolutely!

I went through my stash and found two fabrics and I had two yards of each.

Sewing through four layers of fleece was a little tough for my Brother sewing machine (making my top stitching not exactly straight).

If I were to make more of these, I would use my walking foot or pull out my 1960’s Kenmore machine (that machine can stitch through anything).

This was a super quick, super easy, SUPER CUTE project!

From start to finish, I think it took me 30 minutes 🙂




I love both plaid and mustard yellow…I’ll have to replenish my stash with this fleece!

Have a good day!

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