Simplicity 8532

As I think about what I would like my craft room to look like, I decided to start simple-a new sewing machine cover.

I had this fabric in my stash:


This would make a fun cover.

I used Simplicity 8532 to make a cover with ties.

I chose to make the inside out of fleece (rather than using fleece as a batting), a remnant from a project for my husband as the pocket, and pre made bias tape as the ties.


So cute!

I have more fabric and plan on making something else from the pattern (most likely the hanging basket for scraps and thread).

I also made a small hanging basket to use for trash in my car.

No pattern for this one, just winged it!

Left over cherry fabric and Bosal foam made a cute, small trash bag:


Not really a fan of working with Bosal (just due to the thickness it creates), but it was what I had on hand and did give the bag a nice, firm shape.

This looks cute hanging in my “not so cute, my kids trash my car” car.

Have a good weekend!

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