Small Projects

The past few weeks, I have completed small knitting projects and easy sewing projects.

First, I finished my Bridger Cowl (free pattern by Kris Basta found on Ravelry).

This is a project that has been in my queue long before I actually could knit.

Small enough to fit in my purse, I knit this on the couch….


In the car waiting for the bus…


And finished it rather quickly.


Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the finished cowl before putting it in the mail to a friend.

I knit this with Berroco Flicker yarn…SUPER soft alpaca yarn.

So glad I have 3 more hanks of this yarn!

I will make myself one of these cowls, however I am going to increase the size to make it a tad looser (I’m not a fan of close things around my neck- no necklaces or turtlenecks for me).

This was a great learning project for me as I needed to learn how to cast on stitches at the beginning of rows (there is a great link to a video tutorial in the pattern instructions).

Next I made a Birthday Cake Cowl for myself (free pattern on Ravelry).

I had Patons Classic wool (2 skeins) in my stash for ever…found them for $1.00/each in a clearance sale.


I LOVE how the color way worked in this cowl!


This used 1/2 skein.



After the success of my Blipper Blanket, I made my kids each a fleece blanket for their bed.

Joann’s had Blizzard Fleece on sale for 60% off so I made these very inexpensively.

I did not make the pocket for feet on these blankets.

I learned, making the Blipper, that layers of fleece is a bit much for my Brother machine to handle.

So, I made these on my vintage Kenmore….no issues at all, it acted like it was sewing through the thinnest material.


Two cute blankets and the kids love them!



This week, I am working on my Olympics project, American Pride Knit Cowl (free pattern on

Then, I will be swatching my first sweater (heart palpitations begin now).

Have a great week!

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5 thoughts on “Small Projects

  1. Marsha Noce says:

    Small quick projects are great motivaters. Your cowls are super cute.

    I really like the fleece you picked for the kids. I bet they love wrapping up in them.

    What pattern have you picked for your sweater? I am sure you will do great on it. Sweaters can be intimidating but I found if I just concentrate on each row, they just kind of fall off the needles without too many issues.


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    Love your projects and those cowls! The blankets are so sweet and look so cozy. I love the Berrocco yarn you chose for the Bridger cowl….gorgeous. Your first sweater? I can’t wait! You get a lot done in your spare time!


  3. Stefanie says:

    You’re so fiber productive! The first cowl has an interesting lace edging. I like cowls cost to my neck because I can catch the smallest draft. Espace Tricot has some good, free patterns that meet my needs.


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