Sock Anatomy

Happy weekend!

I had to take a break from my socks due to kids school vacation and life getting in the way.

However, I’m back at it.

Using Marly Bird’s great videos, I have completed one heel turn and gusset!

I chose to knit the alternative gusset that Marly provides (both ways are in the written directions).



I am continuing to knit the stockinette foot portion of this sock before starting the heel turn of the second sock, simply because I don’t have to think while doing the stockinette.

When the kids are at school on one of my days off, I’ll start the second sock.

Now, I will say my sock looks HUGE, but it actually fits my foot well.

(I’m sure it is due to it being made in worsted weight)

I am enjoying completing each section and am psyched I will complete an item on my Year of Projects list!

Have a great weekend!


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