A long, long time ago, I made some squares to make a baby quilt for a friend (well about 2 months ago).

I finally worked on it this weekend.

I was going to make a stroller size quilt, but had some issues putting my blocks together (as in, I didn’t pay attention and didn’t want to seam rip).

So, I made a car seat quilt instead.


Originally, I was going to make a chevron design found in my favorite sewing book, School of Sewing by Shea Henderson.

I had all the squares organized.

However, when it was time to sew, my husband wasn’t home, my kids were all over me and my brain just couldn’t concentrate on completing the pattern (I couldn’t even sew them in the correct straight order as you can see above-the lovely pile of wasted, sewn incorrectly squares).

I made the executive decision to make this as easy as possible.

My daughter helped pick out the backing fabric from my stash, giving up some dinosaur fabric she wanted for pajamas (what a good kid!).

By way of making this easy, I opted for no binding.

I used this video tutorial to make the quilt and then did a simple stitch in the ditch.

I say simple because I am not the best stitch in the ditcher.

I did go very slow and kept repeating “don’t watch the needle” and I think it turned out pretty good.

The good news is that this friend is someone who will just truly appreciate the effort even if the finished product is not perfect.

So, here is my quick, cute car seat quilt:


My block lines lined up for the most part.

However, for the ones that didn’t I was unsure if you continue in a straight line or maneuver to follow the next block seam?

I chose follow the seam, so on the back my lines are not perfectly straight.

I also chose to do it on the diagonal.

I thought horizontal lines might run through the words.

I pretty happy with this cute blanket!!

Have a good weekend!

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