Budget Landscape

We spend a lot of time at home.

It is just easier…it is difficult for me to take both kids to a non-fenced playground as my son is a bolter/safety risk.

So I try to make our back yard cute and fun.

Friends donated no longer used sand boxes, I found the slide/climber at a yardsale and the play house I found on a discount site for not much money.

In the spring, I cleaned the kid’s play area but it has been lacking.


The pea stone (installed two years ago) would migrate, sand was everywhere (which it will be again) and the furniture and play equipment were in dire need of cleaning.

The kids started “camp” on Monday, so I had a few hours each day to do some work.

Monday, I cleaned along our driveway, shed and front yard border.

I hauled a lot of yard waste and planted some flowers by the birdbath and bird feeder (we are very popular with the birds-two great feeders that are a hit with a whole host of birds).

Today, I tackled the backyard play area.

Working within a $100.00 budget, I purchased:

  • 10 bags of pea stone
  • 3 50 pound bags of play sand (we go through so much sand)
  • 2 double shepherd hooks
  • paving stones (which I spray painted-will buy more when they are on sale)
  • 40 feet of cedar border fencing and 50 landscape pins
  • pump sprayer and gallon of white vinegar (to kill weeds) which I’ll use on Friday
  • 4 hanging plants (super cheap as they forgot to take down the sign for a flash sale on Sunday and I successfully argued there was no end date noted  and it was their mistake and should honor it the price)
  • lots and lots of shade loving plants from the “they are about to die, selling for $.25” (a little fertilizer and love and they’ll be blooming soon)
  • A “Welcome Friends” metal sign

I raked debris away, dug holes  to fit the sand boxes into (so they don’t move and the chipmunks stop getting under them),  cleaned the chairs and table with bleach, planted flowers and installed the border.

Is it perfect?


Does it make me feel better to have it looking a little more “put together”?

You betcha!




I could add an additional 10 bags of pea stone, and will after I earn some money on a call shift.

Eventually, the pea stone will all blend, I’ll add a few more pavers for fun, the flowers will bloom and I’ll sit in the chairs and look out into the back yard watching the kids play in the kiddie pool.

It will be a nice view this summer 🙂

Have a great day!


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