Gypsum Skirt

Although I am on a quest to find the right fit for the Cleo Skirt, I have taken a break from that skirt.

I purchased the Gypsum Skirt pattern from Sew Liberated (during its launch sale).

I had also purchased fabric from So Sew English Fabrics during a 50% off bundle sale (keep watch on their IG feed for sale codes).

The pattern and fabric were are a match made in heaven.

I made view B (inset pockets) and this was my first time sewing with a knit fabric (very slippery).

I chose view B because I have hips and I didn’t want the extra attention to my hips with the pockets of view A.

My waist band is horribly made…well to me at least it looks sloppy.

My stitching in the ditch was not done well.

HOWEVER, this is a skirt that I don’t have to tuck in my shirts so it is totally wearable!


The fabric is a cute southwest print in a great color (love orange shades!).

Miss Mary wasn’t in the mood to be my photographer so I took a photo at my hairdressers (B. Organic-thanks for the blond balayage!)


My pocket looks a little wonky, but that was because I had clipped my hair clip inside.

The only thing I found difficult about this pattern was the material-I just wasn’t used to working with it.

I had purchased some really pretty fabric from during a sale and I will be making this skirt again (will be a slightly stiffer fabric) and I also found some great knit in the clearance section at Joann’s.

I also plan on making Sew Liberated’s Metamorphic dress with linen from Joann’s and rayon from SSE Fabrics.

Lots of sewing in my future.

I am taking a short break from my knit wrap…I needed a mindless knitting project so I cast on a Harry Potter First Year Scarf-Love Harry!


Have a great week!





21 thoughts on “Gypsum Skirt

  1. Becki says:

    I’ve never seriously considered ordering fabric online, but after visiting the So Sew English site I’m very tempted. And they offer 50% off deals? Thank you for providing that information, Ali. Your Gypsum Skirt is so fun. And it looks great on you! Your HP scarf looks beautifully knit! πŸ™‚


  2. Ruth says:

    Love your Gypsum skirt and how it turned out! I’ve seen a few of them on my IG feed but yours is the first to tempt me into making one! The Harry Potter scarves are a great easy, mindless project, I’ve knit the 4 houses in those scarves. Looking forward to all the planned sewing makes.


  3. Sandra Licher says:

    Thank you for the links! Your skirt is darling and so cute on you with your Birkie sandals and pretty toes! I have those sandals but not in that color…so comfy! I almost didn’t recognize you with the hew hair color. What a change! I love your HP scarf and may make on except with gold and black for my SIL and a big fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes. I am too. You always have such cute projects!


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      LOL! I know I should update my blog photo! I am going lighter so I can blend in the gray and work with it rather than dyeing my hair every four weeks πŸ˜‰
      The Harry Potter scarf is just 20 rows of each color-nice TV watching project!


  4. Stefanie says:

    Solid job on your Gypsum skirt. I love her Arenite pants pattern and how she styled it. Can’t wait to see your Metamorphic dress. I hope to get back to sewing once school starts.


  5. Helen says:

    What do you think the difference is between the Cleo and the Gypsum. I just finished a very frumpy Muslim of Cleo version B and have been loving the Gypsum on Instagram, I’d love to hear your thoughts after making both. Thanks!


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      Hi Helen! Well, I think the Gypsum has less bulk and makes me feel less “big”. I made view B (inset pockets). I have tweaked the size of the Cleo three times and I still don’t have a fit that I think flatters me. I felt the Gypsum was right on the first try. I also like that the waist band is all elastic (an easier sew). I don’t tend to like to tuck in shirts and I felt the Cleo needed a tucked in shirt for the look to be right on me. Also, there is no gathering on the Gypsum so it was also a quicker sew for me. I have made the Gypsum in knit/rayon and in 100% cotton and I didn’t need to make any adjustments when changing materials. Hope that helps. (Also, I have 3 fabrics lined up to make more Gypsum-thats how much I love it!) I just posted my newest Gypsum in cotton also.


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