New & New To Me

Well, my Brother sewing machine is having a temper tantrum.

Unfortunately, one screw on the plate is so stuck that I can’t take the plate off to give it a proper cleaning.

I did manage (using tweezers) to take out threads that were stuck.

The needle started working again, but the machine sucks the fabric in and jams up.


Calling around, it will cost between $75-$100 for service.

I think that is reasonable, but I only spent $140.00 on the machine.

After thinking about it, I decided I rather put the money towards an upgrade someday.

So, I pulled out my Kenmore Zig Zag machine.

This thing can sew through anything.

The downsides, it weighs a TON and it doesn’t have a free arm.

Then….I discovered a Buy Nothing site on FB local to my town (via which I have since seriously posted a lot of things and it is really helping with my decluttering).

For free, I picked up a Kenmore Ultimate 12 Stitch model 158.1595 and all accessories.

It is light weight, was kept in really good condition and I think the owner was happy it was going to someone who could appreciate it.

All it needed was a cleaning and oiling.

I was able to download an instruction manual from Sears for free.

I plan on making a simple patchwork baby quilt as my first project, then jumping right back into clothes.

I also decided that my Singer 301A and table was no longer useful to me.

As I do a lot of quilting, I need more table space and I wasn’t using the machine that often.

So, I posted it online as “free to a good home”.

So many responses and it was (within 3 hours) on its way to its new home.

Then I found this online!


Lowest price was at Walmart.

It was delivered promptly and the instructions were super clear-took about one hour to put together by myself.

When not in use, the door swings shut and the left table folds down.

(I need to use some Goo be Gone to get the instruction stickers off, you can see “K” on the right door)

The cabinet on the right houses my serger and supplies and you can see my Brother, which I still have hopes I’ll get working again.

Hopefully, I can sew a little bit today but Miss Mary has a cold so she may stay home from school….we’ll see.

Have a great day!

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