Seamwork Bo Top

In an effort to pare down my wardrobe and have a more intentional wardrobe, I am trying to make layering separates.

I purchased Seamwork’s Bo top (found here).

I purchased this one to start with because it is a beginner pattern.

This is a straight forward pattern, a front/back and two cuffs.

I found some stash fabric (I think it is a linen blend) and decided to make a wearable muslin.

Seamwork Bo Top #seamworkbo #seamworkpattern

I chose to use store bought bias tape in navy to finish the neck line and also the hem (for the practice!).

Now, there are some simple things that I honestly cannot wrap my brain around.

Using the bias tape for the neckline was one (or any neckline to be honest).

Luckily I found this video tutorial (found here).

Also doing the hem gave me good practice.

It was also good practice for using my old Kenmore.

I had trouble getting the tension right (I was so used to it being so easy on my Brother).

Tension on this machine is more of a fine dance, a tweak here, a tweak there.

#seamworkbo #seamworkpattern

(you can see how my tension was off at the hem)

For my next one, I want to follow examples on Instagram and make the cuffs and neckline a different pattern or color and possibly add length at the bottom using that contrasting fabric (the above Seamwork link has a link to all Instagram posts).

(I love IG for pattern inspiration!  Just hashtag it and you see so many interpretations)

Also, I think I can certainly go down one size.

A great thing about Seamwork is there are “hacks” listed and the list seems to grow the longer the  pattern has been out.

From Seamwork, I also have the York pattern and have some credits saved to purchase some more patterns.

Happy sewing!


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