Charity Sewing

Time to fill up my charity box!

Via Pinterest I found this diagram (

So off I went stash diving.

I cut out several pieces of fleece (left over from my kid’s blankets I made last year).

#fleeceblanket #kenmoresewingmachine

I cut the instructed size, made sure my stretch was going the correct way and went to zigzag sewing town.

Well, I attempted to try one on after they were all done.

Damn, these things are SUPER tight and it was a struggle to get them over my head.

Is my head abnormally large?

I don’t think so.

Did I measure wrong or use a ridicuous seam allowance?


So, tah-dah- I made KID neck warmers!


A pinterest fail can be spun into a win!


Even though they didn’t turn out as expected, they will keep several people warm and that is a total win 🙂

Have a great day!




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