Evolution of a sweater

A long time ago (well, maybe a year ago), I purchased JoJi’s The Easy Bulky One Pattern.

Reading the description, I thought it would be the perfect first sweater.

Plus, Joji was having a KAL for this pattern.

After working an eight hour call shift, I treated myself to the yarn called for in the pattern.

Well, I never cast on and the yarn sat.

Around came fall and low and behold Joji is holding a Fall KAL.

Perfect motivation.

I cast on.

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

I followed the pattern and did the back, right and left front then joined to knit in the round.

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

I measured my favorite sweatshirt (a cropped length) and knit to 15 inches from the underarm.

Then it was onto the ribbing.

The pattern calls for 4 rounds, but I did 10.

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

I did make a few oops doing the ribbing, but hey-this is my first sweater so it’s ok!

I tried it on and it is the length I wanted, although a tad tighter than I intended (I think I started knitting tighter than I did with my gauge swatch-yup, I swatched!).

Although its tighter than indicated in the pattern, it fits and I am super happy!

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

Now I am tackling the neckline and then I’ll take a deep breath and start the arms.

I really hope I finish this in time for the KAL ending, but even if I don’t I am so happy I finally cast on.

Pattern: The Easy Bulky One

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Quarry

Needles: Knitters Pride 5.5 circulars

Have a great week!


10 thoughts on “Evolution of a sweater

  1. Marsha Noce says:

    That is a great color. What a good first sweater pattern too. Good job. If you know magic loop, you may want to do your sleeves 2 at a time using that method. That was they will be identical without haveing to keep track of a row count.


  2. highlandheffalump says:

    That’s so spooky you are knitting this pattern, yesterday I watched Tiny Fibre Studio’s latest blog and she’s just finished this pattern. I’ll attach link in case you are interested, about 11 mins in. I love the colour you have chosen for it. Super cute Halloween costumes btw.


  3. Becki says:

    I agree – the color is lovely. So glad your first sweater fits! I honestly can’t see what the “oops” are in the ribbing. That’s greatly encouraging to me, because my own “oops” are glaring to me, but maybe not so much to others???


  4. Stefanie says:

    I like this color. I have a Polly Pullover in bulky weight yarn. It always caught the eye of someone whenever I wore it on campus. I can’t wait to pull it out when it gets cooler.


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