Sewing with kids!

My kids are very interested in my sewing, especially my son.

However, Miss Mary has been wanting a sleep mask for days.

I’m not sure where she has seen one, but apparently her eyes don’t “stay shut” at night and “I really need a mask”.

So, since she doesn’t have school until this afternoon, we did a little mother daughter sewing.

The plan was to make matching eye masks.

Together we cut out our pieces, I controlled the foot pedal and Mary pushed the fabric while we sewed (I also was in charge of the pins).

We started with the adult mask and once we were all done we realized the elastic was the perfect size for her and the kids one would be too small.

Since she picked out the fabric, she was quite happy with the eye mask so we only made one.

Here is Miss Mary’s finished eye mask:


All stash items-fabric, elastic and honestly, I didn’t even change out the thread color and bobbin from my metamorphic dress.

She is thrilled and it was a fun way to spend the early am.

Pinterest win!!

Free pattern download and instructions from Made for Mermaids, link here.

Speaking of handmade, my cousin and I went to a paint night and I made this for the kids:

#hammerandstain #paintnight #holidaycrafting

Mary is going to ask Santa what type of cookies he would like and we will leave them and carrots for the reindeer on this tray Christmas Eve!

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