First Project of 2019

My first project of 2019 is one that was inspired by a Facebook post on my feed.

Mikey at The Crochet Crowd posted that he was filming a tutorial for Yarnspirations Crochet Shadow Shell Hat and I loved the picture!

So, on January 1st, I started it and finished it January 2nd.

Link to pattern and tutorial found here.

A long time ago I purchased 2 skeins of Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca yarn with plans to make a knit hat I had purchased a pattern for.

Well, I thought, “why wait to make that hat?” and decided to use the yarn for this hat.

First, lets talk about the yarn.

Its soft, the colors are lovely…but…..

There is a but.

I found it VERY splitty…annoyingly so.

Maybe it wouldn’t bother me knitting, but with my crochet hook it was frustrating.

With a change in hook size, it got better, but still frustrating.

Will I use it again?

Yes, simply because I got a good deal and purchased (a while back) enough to make a cropped sweater…so yup, I’ll be using it again.

Ok, onto the pattern.

I basically made this hat twice.

I followed the tutorial, making the band with a 5mm hook (Furls Streamline).

Then went up to the recommended 6mm size for the body of the hat.

My tension was WAY too tight.

The hat basically got smaller in the body than it was in the band.

Some times I would continue and just give the hat to my daughter, but this time I frogged back to the first row of single crochet after joining the band.

I increased my hook size to a 6.5mm and made sure to make sure my tension was loose, especially the chain sevens (the jade color in the body).

I felt that that was where I had no give to the hat in the first version.

Changing the hook size and making sure my tension was super loose did the trick!

The hat is lovely!

#newyearwarmheadkal #crochethat

This hat barely made a dent in the skeins, so I plan on making another with the colors reversed.

The only thing I have to decide is whether to add a pompom or not.

I’ve been knitting so much lately, this hat made me realize how much I miss and love crochet!

For 2019 I am only making two crafting resolutions:

  1. To tally my stash yarn used.  I am not going to count how much I am starting with, but want to keep a tally so I can feel I made a dent in it.
  2. Use all decent size scraps and make a magic ball and make a Granny Stitch Afghan.  It will be probably the ugliest afghan, but I won’t be wasting!

Have a great week!

This hat is part of the #NewYearWarmHeadKAL


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