Finished X 2

I finished two projects this week.

#BUGWARMERSWEATER #Ravelry #crochetlinenstitchscarf

I finished Miss Mary’s Bug Warmer Sweater!

She picked the colors, told me when to switch and has told me this will be her “house sweater, just like your’s mama” (ie my Telluride Sweater, which I wear all the time in the house).

Miss Mary’s sweater is a free pattern on Ravelry-Bug Warmer.

I made a smaller version of this for a friend’s granddaughter.

#backcountryhat #bugwarmerbabysweater #babyknit

For Mary’s, I do wish I remembered to slip the last stitch so I would have a neater edge (like on the one above).

My sleeve skills need improvement (you can see my decreases) as do my color changes.

Regardless, she likes it!

I used stash KnitPicks Brava Bulky and used one skein of green and blue and portions of the red, yellow and cream.

Needle size was 6mm and I did the largest size.

Next up, I made a linen stitch crochet scarf-inspired by the blog Field Lilies.

Long ago, Becki made several linen scarves and I loved them!

(In fact, I think it was seeing these scarves that made me check out the Year Of Projects Group on Ravelry and now I am in year three of participating-thanks Becki!)

Looking at her projects on Ravelry, I followed the free pattern she used (Crochet Linen Scarf).

I used RedHeart Boutique Treasure from my stash and cast on 300 stitches (pattern called for 400, but that was too long for me) and I used a 6.5mm crochet hook ( I think Becki used a 4.5mm).

As I made it, Miss Mary claimed it.

I used up two skeins and it is a tad narrow, but perfect for a 5 year old to double up around her neck.

If it had been for me, I would have done at least another 2 inches in width.

This was a fun tv watching project!

2019 crafting is starting off well!

Have a good week!

9 thoughts on “Finished X 2

  1. Ruth says:

    Miss Mary’s House sweater sure is darling! I love her colour choices and has a great sense of when to change and switch it up. Your skills are just great and the increases just fine.


  2. Becki says:

    I love both sweaters. It must be so fun to make things that Miss Mary enjoys wearing – and even picks the colors for. I am impressed at how you have progressed with your knitting.


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