Earl Grey Wrap

I love Two of Wands.

I love all the patterns, both crochet and knit.

I love that for most of her patterns, she has both a knit and a crochet version.

In my effort to use stash yarn, I decided to go back to my love of crochet and crochet the Earl Grey Wrap.

I looked in my stash and found a cake of brown/cream/blue yarn from Hobby Lobby and cotton teal yarn.

I thought-Perfect!

Yeah, no.


The splotchyness was not going to work.

So back to my stash I went.

Lion Brand Ice Cream in cream and grey,  a Willow yarn in black ( I think it is Rustic-label fell off long ago) and Premier Yarns Downton Abby in grey.

Now, these worked!


This is an easy to follow pattern (although, I think I zoned out at one point and messed up an increase…but hey, the wrap is for me so who cares?!).

I enjoyed working on this and am happy to be crocheting again!


Check out Two of Wands and I’m sure you’ll find a free pattern you’ll love!

I am definitely going to make the Hearthstone Wrap (newest free pattern)

I’m happy to be a #crewofwands member!




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