Nightshift Progress

It has honestly been a pleasure to work on my Nightshift Shawl!

I chose all stash yarn and they are working surprisingly well together (purchased at deep discounts, searching sale bins, etc.)

My yarns are:

A-Queensland Collection Brisbane Color 08 (blues/purples/reds)

B-SimpliWorsted White

C-Manos Del Uruguay Sand

D-Nice & Knit Capsize (orange)

E-SimpliWorsted Gray Speckled

F-Nice & Knit Dockside (gold)

The beginning of the shawl was mostly my Queensland Collection as the base and all the other colors as contrast.

Then it switched!


(the shawl looks oddly shaped because it is folded as I was mid row for the picture)

I had a mild heart attack last night when my row wasn’t working correctly.

Looking back a previous row, I found I had knit 2 stitches instead of slipping them.

I needed to (scarily) rip back 1.5 rows.

To say this was stressful is a BIG understatement.

I think all is well and the shawl is back on track!


I am so happy I purchased many Drea Renee Knits patterns during her January sale.

Well-written patterns and doable for a new knitter.

Have a wonderful week!


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