The cute and the bad

My sewing machine has been collecting dust lately.

So when I saw this cute tutorial by Sewspire, I decided to make a quick project.

I went into my stash, found some cute fabric and started making this sock knitting bag.

Then all heck hit the fan.

My sewing machine made a weird sound and when I went to investigate parts literally fell out of the machine.


So I threaded my Kenmore 12 Stitch and started sewing with that.

Well, once I started sewing the layers together, two needles broke (one rather dramatically and spectacularly).

Ok, clearly this machine could not handle the thicker fabric.

So, I went back to my Brother machine (free from a friend) and got online to find the manual.

I got all the pieces back together and finished sewing.

Sadly, with all my frustration I rushed and my top stitching did not look good.

So I sewed over it with a zigzag which helped.

Then, my chopsticks broke.

A little glue and the handles were back on track.


Although the process was not enjoyable, the bag turned out cute and it really is a simple pattern.

I should have done more depth in my corners though, it’s a little tight for a full skein of sock yarn.

However, if you change the chop sticks from same side to opposite sides, it gives it a little more room.

Here is my frustrating sock bag:

#sewspireproject #sockknittingbag

This is a very cute bag and I think I’ll make a larger one and use old Boye knitting needles as the handles.

Have a good week!


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