Social Media Break

Good Morning!

My last post was *YIKES* in mid-March.

Things just became very hectic around here and I blinked and boom, it was April.

(Two kiddos hit by a nasty stomach bug stinks…but everyone is feeling better now!)

I’ve continued to work on my scrapy magic ball afghan and I think one more ball will do complete it!

Then it is stash yarn for a border (I have some RedHeart Super Saver in Oatmeal that will work well).

I have 4 rows left on my Night Shift Shawl….LITERALLY FOUR ROWS…and yet, I can’t get past the finish line…I seriously need some uninterrupted time to power through this and the cast off.

I ordered some lovely yarn from England that is destined to become a Shift Cowl (pattern by DreaReneeKnits).

I finished one of Mary’s socks and am ready to do the heel on the second one (this is a travel project so it has taken a bit to complete).

Sewing wise, I have started a Thomas the Tank Engine Quilt for Eamon using a panel I purchased.

I recovered some more pillows for my living room.



(Still loving my free Kenmore Ultra 12 Stitch machine-found via my local FB free site)

I purchased some lovely Cotten & Steel fabric to make some Gypsum Skirts and a Hinderland Dress (both patterns by Sew Liberated).

However, these are on hold a bit as I have started BeachBody’s Ultimate Fix  and am hoping my measurements will be a tad smaller soon.

Looking back of the past few years, I really tried to remember when I felt my best (inside and out) and low and behold it was when I was following the 21 Day Fix Program, so I am one week in (again!).


The biggest change I can tell you is my sleep.

Just one week in and I am sleeping better than I have in about 3 years, not great probably by most people’s standards, but so much better for me!

Thats it for this week!

I hope to resume an (at least) once a week posting schedule.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Break

  1. Stefanie says:

    Can’t wait to see your new seing projects. Sorry about the stomach bug; when my little had it as a toddler we made her wear the bib with the cupped bottom so she wouldn’t get vomit everywhere, LOL! Glad you’re taking care of yourself. I started running on our Bowflex 3x a week and changed my weights to 2x a week with a couple more repetitions because I hated having to do them 3x a week. I feel better and am noticing the differences.


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