I finished my Drea Renee Knits Nightshift Shawl!

Made from stash yarn, I am pleased with how it turned out!



A Swarthy Parrot Fish (blue variegated) (used entire skein)
B HiKoo White
C Manos Grey
D Nice & Knit Capsize (orange)
E Hikoo Marbled Gray
F Nice & Knit Dockside (gold)

I particularly liked working with the Hikoo yarn…super soft and lovely to knit with.

Before starting, I really tried to make sure I had good color matches for each section (I didn’t want to put gray with gray, etc.)

Colors pairings by section:

Section One: Parrot Fish and White
Section Two: Parrot Fish and Gray
Section Three: Parrot Fish and Orange
Section Four: Parrot Fish and Marbled Gray
Section Five: Parrot Fish and Gold
Section Six Marbled Gray and Gold
Section Seven: Gold and Orange
Section Eight: Marbled Gray and White
Section Nine: White and Gray
Section Ten: Gray and Orange

On section 10 I did not knit the last 4 rows due to lack of available time…I really had a window to do the bind off so I skipped the last four rows (a decision I do not regret).

What I would change:
Only sections eight and nine. I think it is too abrupt a change from darker colors to a large section of light colors then back to a darker for section ten. I thought I had planned my colors to avoid this, but I didn’t.

However, I still love it!

Pre blocking measurements:



pre blocked


pre blocked

Post Blocking measurements:




post blocking

The tip still curls in like a cornucopia but its cute!


(excuse my attire, I was still in my scrubs and couldn’t wait to try it on after it dried!)

This was an easy knit but one I still needed to pay attention too (I had to rip back 1.5 rows after I accidentally slipped 4 stitches instead of two. Ripping out was nerve wracking.

I would certainly recommend this pattern to a beginner.

Also as an FYI, I emailed the designer a question re: the pattern and received a super quick reply which was awesome!

Have a good week!

17 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Stefanie says:

    Terrific job on your Nightshift. I was so eyeing this pattern at STITCHES in February and was debating on whether or not to go back to the marketplace Saturday and buy yarn for it. I know the Spincycle Yarns is a bit marled or two-toned. I guess this look would be better for this shawl?


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      The spin cycle yarn is GORGEOUS but was out of my range (you need six skeins). I was lucky I had some interesting choices in my stash. My friend used malabrigo and it turned out beautifully! I do think a marked/vatgated/two toned yarn works really well for this pattern.


  2. Ruth says:

    Your shawl looks beautiful and I love how you used your colours. Often times the thought put in before hand results in a project we are really pleased with.


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