Evolution of a Sweater

I am happy to report I have cast off my FIRST sweater!

It all began when the pattern for The Easy Bulky One by Joji was released.

I promptly purchased it and the recommended yarn, Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed (purchased online from a lovely shop-Wool & Co.-they packaged the yarn so beautifully!)

Then, I did nothing.

Now we are at Fall 2018 and Joji is running a sweater KAL.

I finally cast on!

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

I did really well and knitting the body.

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

The problem for me was the yarn.

Reading my Ravelry notes, I keep mentioning I really don’t like the yarn-it pulls apart or as I wrote “it just disintegrates”.

Now, I will totally give Brooklyn Tweed credit- they contacted me, giving me tips and video links to “how to work with the yarn”.

I was very pleased with their readiness to help.

However, I don’t want to use a yarn I have to learn how to knit with.

So, due to that issue, I opted to make the sweater a cropped sweater (knit to the length of a favorite sweatshirt)

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

#theeasybulkyone #jojifallkal2018

Then I fizzled out.

I left the sweater sitting in a bag all winter.

Well, spring is for spring cleaning-I was going to finish this sweater!

I opted to make it short sleeved.

I picked up 56 stitches for the sleeve (even though per the pattern I should have picked up 44- I hate tight necklines and sleeves).

I knit 18 rounds, decrease round, 3 knit rounds, decrease round, 3 knit rounds, then 5 rib rounds.

I used Very Pink Knits Super Stretchy bind off.

I think I may undo the neck band and redo (my picking up stitches skills have improved since I did it and I think I can make it neater).

Here is my “ends need to woven and it needs to be blocked” first sweater!


Because I made it cropped, I have 400 yards of this bulky yarn left.

Any project suggestions?

Have a great week!

16 thoughts on “Evolution of a Sweater

  1. Lucy Bowen says:

    Oh I love it – well done you! I agree, unless the point of the project is to learn a technique or use a different yarn, then I probably wouldn’t spend time learning to use the yarn either.


  2. Marsha Noce says:

    The sweater looks fantastic. The length is perfect. What a bummer you had to learn how to use a yarn. Not a fun thing in my book. How about some fingerless mitts with the leftovers. Or leg warmers for your sweet daughter. You could put it on Ravelry for trade and see if anyone would like to give you something wonderful in return.


  3. Becki says:

    It’s too bad the yarn was a pain to work with, but I sure do love the colorway (love the close-up shot that shows the pretty dots of colors). I’m so impressed with how quickly you’ve progressed in your knitting skills, Ali. The top looks great on you!


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      Thank you! I honestly can’t say its just me…I read many similar reviews. I guess when I spend what I think is a lot on yarn, I really want to enjoy knitting with it. So, in the future I’ll be avoiding Quarry (at least for big projects)


  4. Ruth says:

    Well done on completing the sweater, it’s a great length and I agree with you and all the other comments, it’s no fun if you have to learn to knit with the yarn, not when you just want to get on with knitting a project. Perhaps a hat or some gloves in the remaining yarn?


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