Ruby Two

I dug though my stash and found a bag labeled “Ruby Top”.

Apparently I purchased this fabric with the Made by Rae Ruby Top in mind (goodness knows how long ago).

So, over the course of a week while I was child free, I cut and sewed a new tunic.

#rubytop, #garmentsewing, #raemademedoit

My binding skills are getting better (my previous Ruby top neckline didn’t hold up well in the wash-need to seam rip and redo).

Because the bottom is stretch knit, I did two rows of zigzag stitching on the hem so it wouldn’t be tight.

#rubytop, #raemademedoit, #garmentsewing

I believe I purchased the peach linen and stretch fabric at Joann’s Fabrics.

I think if a make another and add more inches I’d be comfortable wearing it as a dress (I’m a knee length dress type of gal).

Once again #RaeMadeMeDoIt

Have a great week!

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