Book Date

I have lost my will to read.

The horror.

I am blaming this on being really sick all of May.

I didn’t read, didn’t work out, missed work days and if I wasn’t doing mom duties, I was in bed zoning out to Netflix (Father Brown) and Prime (Silent Witness).

I just couldn’t concentrate.

So, I’m going old school to get my will to read back.

I just finished re-listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban and just started re-listening to The Goblet of Fire.

Praise Jim Dale.

If only he narrated 100 more books.

I also am going old school for a book choice:

The 50th anniversary edition of The Johnstown Flood.

Love to read and listen to his books.

I hope this gets me back on track!

Have a good week!

One thought on “Book Date

  1. Stefanie says:

    I hope you refind your book mojo. My reading has slowed down now that it’s summer. But my youngest has a math class twice a week where it’s useless for me to go home so I can get some reading done there. I have Ree Drummond’s mini biography/memoir on how she met her husband.


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