Part of my Year of Projects list was to make socks, particularly using new techniques.

My first pair of socks were a worsted weight pair as I followed along with Marly Bird’s “My First Socks KAL”.

I learned quite a bit and they have made good “wear around the house instead of slippers” socks.

Next I decided to make toe up socks.

I completed this worsted weight pair…BUT, I didn’t bind off well and they were unwearable.


This is the only image I have…I deleted them from my phone.

The yarn was from KnitPicks and I did manage to unravel one sock and save a skein for another use.

Next up, a pair for Mary.

I followed Tin Can Knits Rye Pattern.

Then I decided I really didn’t like the purl section, so I stopped doing it (Mary wouldn’t care).


Unfortunately, by the time I finished sock #2, her feet had grown and they no longer fit (darn growth spurt).

So, using the same pattern for guidance, I cast on a pair for me using Schachenmayr Regia Perfect Design Line.

I carry these in my bag and work on them here and there-waiting rooms, Karate lessons, Speech Therapy, etc.

They are taking me a longgggg time, but thats ok!


At my rate, I’ll probably complete one pair a year (how do people make 12 pairs a year???).

Have a good week!



13 thoughts on “Socks

  1. Marsha Noce says:

    Those people that knit 12 socks a year are a wonder to me too. I guess if all I did was knit socks and forgot about my daily activities I could do it. Also, I wonder what size foot they have. I have a friend that wears a size 6 shoe and she can knit her socks so quickly where my size 8ntakes a bit longer. You have come a long way in your sock knitting and should be very proud.


      • highlandheffalump says:

        A good tip I heard for magic loop, and it works for me, is to slide both the socks to the needle side, flip and then pull the needle you’ll be doing the stitches with and then you don’t have any weird hassle with the cables. I’ve explained that badly, have a look at some YouTube clips and it will make sense.


  2. Ruth says:

    Love the adventure in socks that you’ve had and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll knit them now. I’ve found once you get the first couple of pairs under your belt they become so much easier and quicker but gosh darn it to that growth spurt, I feel you on that one!


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