Year of Projects-Completion List

So, another year has passed!

How did I do with my Year of Project List for 2018/2019???

  • Finish my Charlotte Afghan: FAIL.  I think I added one round.  This will go onto this years list.
  • Knit myself the hat I am totally in love with:  FAIL.  I didn’t knit it.  This will go onto this year list.
  • Finish my Stitch Sampler Wrap: Success!  Love this wrap!I then made fingerless mitts from the scraps left over
  • Finish my Kimono Wrap Sweater: Success! 
  • Knit one pair of socks: Success and fail (did 2 pairs, see this post for the fail aspect) 
  • Knit a sweater: Success! 
  • Make a new work tote: Success! 
  • Sew two baby quilts: I did one quilt, a changing blanket, a play mat and crocheted two baby blankets.  I consider this a success! 
  • Sew my MSQ wall hanging: never even opened the package.. FAIL
  • Sew one quilt for myself: fail
  • Sew clothing: Success! (here is a sample) 
  • Take sewing classes: Success (sort of).  I took a mitten making class and the other class I signed up for was cancelled.
  • Bake bread: Success all due to a great book! 4129BABF-3DA4-4146-B00B-C2DCF0E597CDBake scones: Success although no pictures
  • Donate to charity: Success- hats, neck warmer, socks, mittens 
  • Stash Bust: I did use up all my scrap yarn to make an afghan and used stash fabric for all my clothing and quilted projects- so, Success! #simplysummerstreet #grannystripeThose are just a sample of my Year of Projects!

What were my favorite projects????


My Night Shift Shawl made from stash yarn…my most ambitious knitting project.

#metamorphicdress #sewliberated

Love this dress by Sew Liberated


The kid’s birthday cakes


My project bags.  Love them and use them!


This baby blanket because it really got me hooked on corner to corner crochet!

I plan on making this blanket for the upcoming year:



This hat!  It was quick, fun and free!

I’m compiling my list for 2019/20 (yikes!).

There will be a lot on it and I know I won’t make everything….but, a girl can dream 😊


11 thoughts on “Year of Projects-Completion List

  1. Marsha Noce says:

    You did a lot this past year. All the projects you made with “leftovers” is amazing. Love the dress you made by Sew Liberated. It looks so comfy and able to be worn to so many places. So glad you are coming back next year. Your seeing inspired me to dust off my machine and start sewing again.


  2. kimmery4 says:

    I really love all your accomplishments. You are inspiring me to try some more sewing again. I have a beautiful new machine that I am terrified of! 🙂 Looking forward to joining the group this coming year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MrsMcD918 says:

      Welcome to the group! It is lovely and very inspiring! Youtube is great for sewing if you don’t have a place to take a class. Don’t be intimidated of that machine-dive in!


  3. highlandheffalump says:

    With so many beautiful sewn items I just don’t think you should say ‘fail’ on the projects you didn’t get to. So many lovely things, I love the tote bag idea and the cow print lining is cute. Hmmm all you excellent sewists are making me want to have a proper go at sewing something.


  4. Becki says:

    So many great projects, Ali! I’ve missed some of them this year, so it was great seeing a round-up. I have been most impressed at how quickly you’ve picked up knitting and making clothing already. You inspire me!


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