Special Olympics

Oh boy, were they special!

My son Eamon participated in his first Special Olympics!

It was a wonderful day!

My husband and I attended (unfortunately, it was held on the rain date, so other family didn’t have that date off) and his 1:1 Aide, Special Ed teacher, First Grade teacher and his entire First Grade class were there (all four Olympians from his school had their classmates attend).

I would love to post pictures of his classmates with their signs, etc. but I don’t want to post pictures of other people’s children.


He knew he was doing something to be proud of!

I was so proud, not only of his participation, but also the fact that he high fived his friends, sat in the middle of group pictures, hugged his friends and kept checking in with me and dad.


The following day, we were at a town event and one of his friends came up to me:

Hi Eamon’s Mom, I was so proud of Eamon yesterday. He did so great!

He’s a lucky boy to have friends like that!

Here is my Special Olympian!


I hope we participate each year!

It truly was special, not just because Eamon was participating, but to see all those kids working so hard.

Also, our event (which was VERY large) is completely run by high school students-you could tell the time, effort and dedication they put into creating a wonderful event!

4 thoughts on “Special Olympics

  1. Becki says:

    I can only imagine how proud you feel of Eamon. Congratulations to your young Olympian. Thank you for sharing about the event. What a wonderful smile on your handsome son. :^)


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