Yard Sale Redo

We needed a small table for next to our couch,  just to hold a drink, put your phone down, etc.

As I’m trying to reuse, reduce, refashion, I opted to look at yard sales.

I found this table for $5.00.

Accent Table Before

(picture taken after I started sanding, the top was in a horrible state)

I did some serious sanding and using paint and stain I already had, I refashioned it into this:

Accent Table After

Isn’t it cute?

Love it sitting next to my tub full of handmade quilts and afghans!

The paint is spray paint-Rustoleum Farmhouse and mahogany stain.

I did purchase some spray polyurethane with a 50% off coupon at AC Moore (if I had patience, I could have just borrowed some from my dad, but I wanted to finish it when the horrible heat and humidity broke here in Massachusetts).

Now I just need to knit a nice thick coaster.

Have a great week!

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