YOP: Finished Project

I have my first finished project from my current Year of Projects list.

You may remember my Nightshift Shawl by Drea Renee Knits.

(Before blocking)

I enjoyed making that shawl, but it is a lot of shawl for me to wear as I tend to get very hot easily.

So, I decided to make The Shift Cowl.

Across my Instagram feed came a beautiful display of yarn from Gathered Sheep Yarn and, since they were having a sale, I purchased six mini cakes with this project in mind.

The Shift Cowl; Simply Summer Street

I loved the colors together.

I must say, I loved them much more together as above than in the cowl.

I think if I ever make this cowl again, I would use the structure but just do stockinette stitch and do more of a color block look with maybe a few rows of slip stitch to change to the next color block.

I cast on at the beginning of the summer, after the kids were out of school.

The Shift Cowl; Simply Summer Street

This was a great project to do while the kids played…it wasn’t too big or too hot to have on my lap.

The Shift Cowl; Simply Summer Street

I had a few times that my stitch count was off, but I just corrected it on the non slip stitch rows and it all worked out.

Off the needles it came and then a good soak and blocking.

The Shift Cowl; Simply Summer Street

(good representation of the colors-taken on a very sunny day)

The Shift Cowl; Simply Summer Street

It blocked to the exact measurements it was supposed to!


I used my trusty The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge by Debbie Bliss to refresh my memory of mattress stitch.

I stitched it up and it worked beautifully!

The Shift Cowl; Simply Summer Street

Now, I will say this yarn is a tad itchy even after soaking in Eucalan.

Does anyone have any suggestions on softening it up?

Regardless, I enjoyed working with this yarn and am happy with the finished project!

After finishing this, I started a crochet sweater for Make and Do…more on that later!

Have a great week!

** I want to mention that the yarn from Gathered Sheep Yarn arrived so beautifully packaged…it was a joy to receive!**


20 thoughts on “YOP: Finished Project

  1. Marsha Noce says:

    Your shift cowl is super cute. Love those colors in it. Unfortunately, I do not know how to soften up wool fiber. Hopefully someone will give you great advice. Looking forward to seeing the sweater you have started. Have a great week.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Ask on IG; someone will probably have a great and experienced suggestion. Many wore the shawl at STITCHES; I was so tempted to break the budget and go back and get some yarn for it.


  3. Lucy Bowen says:

    What a gorgeous cowl. I don’t have any tips on softening wool, I’m afraid, but I hope you find a way as it would be such a shame not to wear it.


  4. Kim says:

    I don’t have any helpful suggestions for softening up the wool, but lining it might be a great idea. I love the colors in the yarn you used for that cowl though! And your shawl is stunning too– I typically only knit fingering weight shawls or shawlettes because I get warm pretty fast and sometimes just that little something around my neck is all I need to warm up. I live in Seattle and we just don’t have terrible frigid cold winters, consistently.

    I hope this week is finding you well and cool!


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