I am so lucky to have a local book store named An Unlikely Story.

I’ve written about it before.

It is my happy place.

To go and browse books, have a coffee or lunch in the cafe and be able to hear authors speak is a joy.

Today I went to a luncheon for one of my FAVORITE authors, Kristan Higgins.

I’ve read several of her books including:

My One and Only

Good Luck with That

On Second Thought


Now That You’ve Mentioned It

Her new book was released this week and she was making a stop at my local book store.

We had a lovely lunch made with ingredients from local farms, heard about the book, listened to a reading and had a question and answer period.

She also sat at each table for a bit during lunch to chit chat.

She was so down to earth and charming, no wonder I love her books!

And here are my fan girl shots

I think the above shot was me telling her I adore her books 😂

If you’re a reader, you understand what a thrill it is to meet someone whose work you love.

Also of note, proceeds from pre orders and first week sales are going to St. Jude’s- how lovely is that?

As if my bookstore isn’t special enough, here are the toilets:

If you don’t get it, you need to run and start reading Harry Potter ASAP ☺️

Good news is she has a book coming out next year and will be back!

Have a great week!

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