Evolution of a Crochet Shrug Part Two

Good morning!

This week I made some nice progress on my Make & Do Easy Breezy Crochet Shrug.

I completed the sleeves.

I have say, I had to rip out the first sleeve a few times due to my misreading the pattern.

Actually, it was as if I had pattern blindness.

I couldn’t figure out why my sleeve didn’t look like the pictures.

Then all of a sudden I “saw” the pattern instructions.

They are written very clearly, I just wasn’t seeing an important part.

For the sleeves I worked to a total of 18 chain 1 spaces, then 4 rounds of single crochet.

I’m happy to report my shrug is matching the pattern measurements (I didn’t swatch).

I’m still enjoying working with the Lion Brand Comfy Cotton.

The collar should add about 7 inches, so the bottom should hit right at my hips.

I hope to have the finished shrug next week!

Have a good week.

7 thoughts on “Evolution of a Crochet Shrug Part Two

  1. Mary-Anne says:

    Yes, sometimes figuring out a pattern is so tricky, until suddenly it isn’t. Well done. I love the colour you have chosen for the shrug – I hope you model it for us..


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