Playroom Makeover

When we moved in 6 years ago, we made what had been a formal living room into a play room.

We painted it a bright yellow, put up lots of cute decals and had toys spilling every where.

It served us well.

Now though, the kids are older, the room looked beat up and they had out grown many of those toys.

(After we had cleaned and sorted toys)

So, my husband and I sorted the toys and I posted them on our local Buy Nothing site.

I’m happy to report all the the toys and other items we posted were taken.

Then I got to work.

I took one day to redo the room.

I got both a toy organizer and a fern on Buy Nothing and wall hangings on clearance ($1.50-$2.00/per piece).

The toy organizer looked a little beat up but was in good condition, so I spray painted it!

The wall hangings fit perfectly.

Here is the room as a whole!

I’m really pleased how it turned out!

This was a big item on my YOP list and I’m so happy it’s complete!

Have a great week!!

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