Tablet Sleeves

Life has been busy lately.

That along with working on bigger projects means no posts lately.

I had some time recently and made two more tablet sleeves.

The first was for a friend who has a Kindle fire.

I used the cute book fabric I had from my stash.

I took another bloggers advice for lengthening my stitch length for the topstitching and it worked like a charm!

Next I made my son a new sleeve for his ipad that travels everywhere with him (used only for his speech program).

Luckily I had some Thomas the Tank Engine fabric left in my stash-enough for the outer layer, a simple solid gray fabric for the inner layer.

His 1:1 aide worked with him on opening and closing it, as his prior one had a Velcro closure.

These are such quick, cute projects!

I think my son’s took me about 45 minutes start to finish.

I used the video tutorial from Shabby Fabrics (search ‘tablet sleeve’ on the YouTube channel) and the printed dimensions they provide.

Have a good week!

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