Cropped Raglan Cardigan

I finished it!!

Actually, I should be more embarrassed than proud as I started this in June.

This happens with me.

I get near the finish line and lose all steam.

I used Thanksgiving as motivation to finish it.

This is a free pattern from Lion Brand and I used the video tutorial from Very Pink Knits.

I had to rip out the button band and re do it.

Thanks to everyone who gave me tips on redoing the band.

I finished and blocked it the Monday of Thanksgiving week.

It dried quickly and I was able to wear it on Thanksgiving day!

Yarn: Plymouth Encore

Needles: 4.5mm (collar, rib and band) and 5.0mm (body).

I learned a lot and also learned where I need much more practice.

Now that this is done, I’m focusing on my current sweater knit – Dockside Sweater by Two Of Wands.

Have a great week!

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