Strata Top

Long ago I purchased Sew Liberated’s Strata Top.

I printed it out and pieced the pattern together, but then it just sat.

At a yard sale over the summer, I found multiple bolts of fabric at a ridiculously low price and thought they would be great for making work ups of patterns.

So, using some of that fabric, I made a Strata Top muslin.

Now, the biggest problem on the day I made this was the fact my kids were home.

Honestly, I must be a magnet.

If I’m home and they are home, they are glued to me.

In between saying “put that down, don’t touch that, yes you’re funny, wait? what did you just say you’re doing?” and keeping one eye on them, I messed up my neck binding and managed to cut a hole in the front when I was notching my neckline.

The hole I just zigzaged over-heck I can just wear a scarf, which will also take care of the wonky binding.

I also (having serged the raw edges) just folded and sewed the hems rather than doing a 1/4 inch then 1/2 inch hems.

Honestly, my eye was half on the project and half on them the entire time.

The side isn’t really that bunchy, I only had a split second of Mary willing to take the picture.

I made a second one using some stash “linen-like” material.

Although I did sooooo much better with the neck binding on this one, I don’t like the material as much.

I wear the first one more.

I recently purchased 100 Acts of Sewing’s Shirt No. 1.

Once again, I had trouble with the neck binding.

I became so frustrated that I’m taking a time out from garment sewing.

I have signed up for a 6 week “make your own winter tunic” class where I hope to learn tricks and techniques that will allow me to realize a me made wardrobe.

Until then, I’ll focus on my sweater knitting and quilt making.

(I’m wearing my Hitchhiker Shawl made in Lion Brand Mandala -LOVE wearing this shawl and my new Party of Five hat -free pattern on Ravelry)

Have a good week!