Shirt No. 1

I really want to build a wardrobe of useful, comfortable clothes.

At the end of 2019, so many people were posting their Make Nine’s.

Instagram user Julie_makes posted a Make Nine that, seriously, was my dream wardrobe.

I love everything about this picture.

I am going to shamelessly try to emulate (ie copy) her style.

So, putting my toe in the water I started small.

First item, 100 Acts of Sewing’s Shirt No. 1.

I had some cotton striped fabric in my stash that I thought would work well for my idea.

I recently joined Creativebug specifically for the access to many patterns I had been eyeing, in particular 100 Acts of Sewing.

Using one of the variations, I made a striped Shirt No.1.

I had made this shirt once before (still need to hem it) and knew I was a large.

This time I didn’t want it to be a crop shirt, and because I am tall, I added 4 inches to the length.

I also wanted to make the front yoke stripes go horizontally.

So, I cut the pattern just below the arms (the cut line is on the pattern) and cut my front yoke and body separately.

To each piece I added 1/2 inch for seam allowance.

The back is one piece with the stripes going vertically.

This came together easily.

Once again the neckline is the most problematic section for me.

I only lowered the front neckline 1/2 inch as a wanted a boat neck (for future makes I would lower at least 3/4 inch, I find myself tugging a bit).

I did a bias neck binding and this time I did it after I did my shoulder seams, but before I did the side seams (I think in the accompanying video on Creativebug, she has you do it after).

I really want to learn how to do facings, I think it would suit me better.

I also think inset sleeves are a better for for me.

That means Tunic No. 1 is my next project!

Have a good week!

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