A long, long time ago, I made some squares to make a baby quilt for a friend (well about 2 months ago). I finally worked on it this weekend. I was going to make a stroller size quilt, but had some issues putting my blocks together (as in, I didn't pay attention and didn't want to … Continue reading Quilting


Cozy Flannel

Two friends have new additions to their families! A baby boy has arrived and a sweet boy has been adopted. Not having time to crochet or knit presents, I sewed some quick blankets. A little something to say "Welcome"! Using flannel and fleece I already had in my stash, I made a cute train blanket … Continue reading Cozy Flannel


My last sewing class (until the end of May) was Saturday. We learned how to make a simple stuffed bunny. Simple, but with lots of learning points: making darts, sewing curves, pattern cutting, etc. This bunny was intended for a newborn, so no eyes and I sent the pompom tail incase they wanted to put … Continue reading Learning

Charlotte Part 1

This week I started the center of a new baby blanket. The center is my favorite square of late, Look at What I Made's Charlotte Square. My inspiration for color pattern is the squares made by Jennybugs' (Ravelry name) Charlotte Dream blanket. I chose red, white & blue as my color choices as the parents … Continue reading Charlotte Part 1

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday! Yarn Along day here on Simply Summer Street. I finished reading Carrie Fisher's Shockaholic. Sort of a rambling book, but entertaining. I always appreciated how open and honest she was regarding her struggles with mental illness. Depression has affected my life and I am open and honest about it. Stigma about mental illness … Continue reading Yarn Along