Yarn Along

It is not often that I have a few hours with ab-so-lutely nothing on my plate. That was today though! After waiting what seemed like forever for the bus, I took off in my car. I went to my happy place, An Unlikely Story Book Store. (Notice the quidditch brooms!) I browsed, found a book, … Continue reading Yarn Along


A Bookstore Afternoon

Today I spent a lovely, lazy afternoon at my local bookstore-An Unlikely Story. They were hosting an author event, hearing Elizabeth George (author of the Inspector Lynley series) discuss her process of writing English crime novels. I met a friend and we sat and listened and laughed as Ms. George discussed why she sets her … Continue reading A Bookstore Afternoon

Low Key

This year, Forth of July was a low key affair. Last year, it was the last holiday I spent with my brother.  This year, I really wanted it to be a quiet time. On Saturday, we spent time at the park, then a fun lunch with the two cuties, followed by time on the deck. … Continue reading Low Key

Day to Day

With two small kids, every day is busy and full of wonder and learning. We've discovered a new musical instrument-the piano! Sincere apologies to my aunt and uncle for all the noise. We saw our niece graduate high school! Apologies to other audience members, we tried to keep them corralled.  We really did. Miss ME had her … Continue reading Day to Day

Please become tired!

Shift + Call + Two Little Ones = a VERY tired mama. I spent a good portion of the morning trying to wear Miss ME out. Errands, Barnes & Noble kids area, and finally, the park. Hopefully she will nap so I can too!  

I Bet…

You wish you had a local bookstore like mine! An Unlikely Story. My happy place! Books flying overhead, Quidditch brooms flying in the children's section, cozy nooks and leather chairs, and a cafe that serves food, drink, beer and wine. A great place to sit and relax!