Yarny Goodness

Sunday my crochet group, Fishnet Crocheters, met at Craftworks in Northboro, MA. When in a yarn shop, you...well, shop! I found cute labels to use for the things I make for my kids, and "Crocheted by" labels for afghans I make for others. My friend Jean (who is a knitting & crochet goddess) recommended The … Continue reading Yarny Goodness


Today, September 11th, marks one year since my brother's death. The last time I was with Matt, we had taken my son E out to lunch, Matt had said to me-"Ali, you still haven't watched _________????". He had asked me at least a dozen times to watch a particular documentary. So, today, I woke up … Continue reading One

Low Key

This year, Forth of July was a low key affair. Last year, it was the last holiday I spent with my brother. ┬áThis year, I really wanted it to be a quiet time. On Saturday, we spent time at the park, then a fun lunch with the two cuties, followed by time on the deck. … Continue reading Low Key


I am mourning the passing of my beloved brother. Below is his last article. Matthew Hurley Turning 45 A few days ago I turned forty-five years old and there were moments, right after it happened, that my life seemed to play out in flashbacks. Now, technically speaking forty-five is really not that old at all. … Continue reading Grief