Malia CAL Donation

Recently, a fellow crafter I follow on Instagram, put out a Yarn Wish. She asked for knit and crochet hats, scarves and ear warmers to donate to her preferred charity. I had recently finished a Malia CAL Ear warmer. (Premier Candy Shop yarn, warm and soft) Although the picture doesn't show off the stitches well, … Continue reading Malia CAL Donation


Malia CAL

I have long admired Rebecca Langford's (aka Little Monkeys Crochet) crochet designs. Two of my favorite baby blanket patterns are hers: Call The Midwife Comfy Squares I made both for my cousin's son and my finished projects can be found here. Across my FB feed came Little Monkeys Crochet's new CAL, the Malia CAL. There … Continue reading Malia CAL