Changing Landscape

Yesterday I went on a trip to NYC! My sewing studio (The Creative Sewing Studio) hosted a bus trip to the Garment District. Myself and two friends went and had a great time. Before leaving, our instructor let us know that within a few years the Garment District will basically be no more. Rents are … Continue reading Changing Landscape


Weigh-in Day

Well, I stayed the same this week. Not surprised. Non scale victory-I tracked everything! Looking over my WW food log, I could have made better choices. I should have had more veggies, I realized I didn't have my shakeology this week (helps with my sweets craving) and my workouts were not up to par. This … Continue reading Weigh-in Day

Food Reboot

Starting January 1st, I decided to get serious about losing the 17 pounds I sadly let creep back on after losing 50+ pounds of pregnancy weight. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, but I'm disappointed in myself. Since January 1st, I have done a good job (I think a pretty darn good … Continue reading Food Reboot