Change in plans…

I offered to make some pajama bottoms for my friend's daughter. I had very good intentions. I made Miss ME a pair, great! Using the same material, I cut out a pair for Miss E. I used the "magic pillow case" trick to add a navy cuff to the bottom to add a little length. … Continue reading Change in plans…


Daring Hat

A while back, I stumbled across Brome Fields Learn a 100 Knit Stitches in 100 Days. I followed that series and then started looking at the knit patterns available on the site. Now that I am feeling more confident in my knitting (can do more than a garter scarf!), I have been following the Brome … Continue reading Daring Hat

Malia CAL

I have long admired Rebecca Langford's (aka Little Monkeys Crochet) crochet designs. Two of my favorite baby blanket patterns are hers: Call The Midwife Comfy Squares I made both for my cousin's son and my finished projects can be found here. Across my FB feed came Little Monkeys Crochet's new CAL, the Malia CAL. There … Continue reading Malia CAL