Charity Sewing

Time to fill up my charity box! Via Pinterest I found this diagram ( So off I went stash diving. I cut out several pieces of fleece (left over from my kid's blankets I made last year). I cut the instructed size, made sure my stretch was going the correct way and went to zigzag … Continue reading Charity Sewing


Seamwork Bo Top

In an effort to pare down my wardrobe and have a more intentional wardrobe, I am trying to make layering separates. I purchased Seamwork's Bo top (found here). I purchased this one to start with because it is a beginner pattern. This is a straight forward pattern, a front/back and two cuffs. I found some … Continue reading Seamwork Bo Top

New & New To Me

Well, my Brother sewing machine is having a temper tantrum. Unfortunately, one screw on the plate is so stuck that I can't take the plate off to give it a proper cleaning. I did manage (using tweezers) to take out threads that were stuck. The needle started working again, but the machine sucks the fabric … Continue reading New & New To Me