Shirt No. 1

I really want to build a wardrobe of useful, comfortable clothes. At the end of 2019, so many people were posting their Make Nine's. Instagram user Julie_makes posted a Make Nine that, seriously, was my dream wardrobe. I love everything about this picture. I am going to shamelessly try to emulate (ie copy) her style. … Continue reading Shirt No. 1

Strata Top

Long ago I purchased Sew Liberated's Strata Top. I printed it out and pieced the pattern together, but then it just sat. At a yard sale over the summer, I found multiple bolts of fabric at a ridiculously low price and thought they would be great for making work ups of patterns. So, using some … Continue reading Strata Top

Ruby Two

I dug though my stash and found a bag labeled "Ruby Top". Apparently I purchased this fabric with the Made by Rae Ruby Top in mind (goodness knows how long ago). So, over the course of a week while I was child free, I cut and sewed a new tunic. My binding skills are getting … Continue reading Ruby Two